Places to Eat in Point Richmond

Just recently, my dad and I took an incredible trip to California. Point Richmond was the first place we stayed and this little town was my favorite! A VERY hilly area full of street saturated with flowers, trees, numerous flowers and trees. Not to mention, the many local places to eat in Point Richmond. From a quick bite to eat or cup of coffee; I’ll tell you some of my favorites below.

For a little backstory, my insanely smart and talented sister took a job opportunity in San Francisco this summer. My dad and I, wanting to visit her as well as take a little trip ourselves, took this as a golden opportunity!

Kaleidoscope Coffee 

A beautiful coffee shop with large indoor and outdoor spaces. They serve coffee, tea, espresso, beer and wine; as well as ice cream and a short but varietal brunch menu. This is a perfect place to eat in Point Richmond! Their indoor space has ample seating, with beautiful natural lighting. They have numerous board games and books available to use.

They have outdoor seating in front of the shop, with a few tables sprinkled amongst the sidewalk, but their real outdoor space in their backyard is where the magic is at. A ginormous deck and then patio/backyard is available with tons of seating. It’s a gorgeous, shaded area filled with mismatched lawn furniture, furthering the already homey and cozy vibe. I tried a Briar Rose latte with oat milk my first visit and then had a Matcha Latte the second time. Both were delicious though the Briar Rose was definitely my favorite. 

Places to Eat in Point Richmond. A hand is holding an iced latte with the sign for Kaleidoscope Coffee in the background.
Briar Rose Latte


Little Louie’s

Your must visit breakfast or lunch spot. With an overwhelming menu to read (in a good way!) anyone and everyone will find something they enjoy here. You order at the counter and can take your food to go, or enjoy it there! With a beautiful indoor seating area with a host of woodwork, you can also head outside to their fenced in patio with ample seating.

I devoured bacon, eggs over-easy, sourdough toast, home-style potatoes and avocado slices on the side. While my dad enjoyed french toast and a chai latte. I’m wishing we grabbed some sandwiches to go because if they were half as good as breakfast, I would’ve loved them. Not to mention, super friendly and accommodating staff, which can really make all the difference in your experience somewhere.

Places to Eat in Point Richmond. Woman holding "Little Louie's" coffee mug while smiling. In front of her is breakfast containing sunny side up eggs, bacon, homestyle hash browns, white toast and slices of avocado.
Little Louie’s – Indoor Dining Space


Up & Under Pub and Grill 

Great pub and grill eats for when you’re craving a burger or fish and chips. They had quite a few appetizers that caught me and my dad’s eye. But we ultimately settled on the fried pickles, which were NO disappointment. They also have an excellent selection of local beers! The pub has a covered outdoor space as well as a decent amount of indoor seating available. The entire inside is decorated with vintage rugby apparel and equipment, along with the unique wood working throughout the interior. 

Places to Eat in Point Richmond that Looked Great, But We Didn’t Get To: 

These were all restaurants we walked by, had plans to go to, or just looked plain delicious! Definitely worth checking out



A large Mexican restaurant next to Up & Under with a huge menu! SO wishing we had time to eat here because it looked and smelled delicious! 


Maya Taqueria

A super cute and tiny place with no indoor seating, just a couple outdoor seats on the sidewalk. But the menu looked incredible, with options for every diet! Bonus points for being very affordable! 


Raymond’s Pizzeria 

A modern and sleek place to grab a simple and delicious bite to eat! Sip on a beer while you have a slice of pizza, a perfect spot for a quick lunch or dinner!


El Sol 

Tacos, salads, quesadillas, what more could you ask for! They do catering as well!