Gift Guide for the Backpacker

Happy Holidays! Not sure what to get your friend who loves hauling all their gear out into the wilderness and sleeping on the ground? Well scroll down for the perfect gift guide for the backpacker in your life!

1. Instant Coffee

Making coffee on the trail doesn’t have to be difficult (or taste bad)! These are my two favorite instant coffee to make while backpacking.

Find them: at REI,


2. Inflatable Sleeping Pad

This is the sleeping pad I’ve used for years! I love that it comes with a pillow,

Find it:


3. Freeze Dried Meals

It takes years for these bad boys to go bad, so why not buy a couple for your backpacker to try out!

Fit it: at REI


4. Pocket Stove

These are crucial to help save space in your backpacking backpack! Plus, they last forever! I’ve had mine for over 5 years!

Find it: on Amazon


5. Headlamp

A headlamp is a must have for backpackers (or really any camper). They are perfect for those late night camp set ups/hiking in the early morning or late hours since they provide light without taking up any hand space!

Find it: at REI


6. Sporks

These are a perfect stocking stuffer! Inexpensive and you can never truly have too many!

Find them: at REI