Gift Guide for the Camper

Happy Holidays! Not sure what to get the camper in your life? Well scroll down for the perfect gift ideas!

1. Solar + USB charge patio lights

These are one of my favorite purchases, ever! Not only are these lights solar powered, but the solar power bank can be charged via USB if you know you’re heading out and there won’t be very much sunlight!

Find them: on Amazon

2. Hatchet

The perfect small item to give a camper! These are inexpensive and a must have item in your camping tote!

Find them: at Harbor Freight, any sporting goods store

3. Wood Bag

I love this for collecting kindling or carrying unbundled logs!

Fit it: on Amazon

4. Campfire poker

Another must have for your campfire queen. These are perfect because they are retractable for easy storage and transportation! Pair this, the hatchet, and the wood bag for the ultimate campfire kit!

Find them: on Amazon

5. Mini lantern

The perfect lantern to loop through the top of your tent or carry with you for those middle of the night bathroom breaks! Can be charged via USB or takes two batteries!

Find it: at

6. Camp stove

This has been my camping stove for over 3 years and I absolutely cannot recommend it more!

Find it: at REI

7. BareBones Dinning

The absolute perfect camping dining set. Comes in eggshell white and a medium grey! Pair it with the camp stove for your camp chef!

Find it: at, REI